Mountains of Fire, London Black Atheists undercover

This week Leo Igwe,  published an article in the called ‘The UK-government must stop witchcraft-style ‘exorcisms’ happening here in Britain.”  In it Leo references London Black Atheists’ undercover work that a few of our members under took to see what actually happens at one of these all night ‘evil spirit’ removing events.  Here is our full article that Leo references.


One of the aims of London Black Atheists  is to be alert to possible harm from religious practices in the black community and where we can, give support to victims. When it was flagged up by Leo Igwe, the Nigerian human rights activist, that a deliverance service was to take place at the Mountains of Fire & Miracles Ministries (MFM) on Friday 16 September 2016, the LBA felt obliged to attend to observe the event. We were particularly concerned because the main attraction of the event was Pastor Daniel Olukoya who is well known in Nigeria for his witchcraft allegations that target mainly women and children.


Representing LBA at the service were the organisers, Clive Aruede, Audrey Simmons and Lola Tinubu. The service took place at the ExCeL Centre, London, which is a huge exhibition and conventions centre. MFM used part of the centre that looked like a warehouse, a very large sterile space for the service. We were told that the section used by the church had a capacity of 15,000 people.  It was difficult to estimate how many, but there were indeed thousands of attendees.

The event had a fancy spiritual title, ‘Deliverance, Prayerquake & Anointing Service.’ It featured healing, salvation, deliverance and what they called breakthrough and yoke breaking.  It was an all-night service, from 11pm to 5am.  One would think this would be an adults only event, but many parents came with children of various ages, including babies and toddlers.  It was very unnerving to see so many hundreds of children in such discomfort.  On one side of the arena, prams and buggies were lined-up in a kind of static convoy. It was quite distressing seeing children spread out on stiff folding chairs, trying to sleep, covered by coats, shawls, and for those whose parents had some forethought, pillows as well. It really looked almost like a place of refuge from a war or a natural disaster.

The service was presented in English and immediately translated into French. We were reliably informed that this is a current trend to enable Pentecostal churches to expand their international ‘empires’. The presentations seemed to be an amalgamation of everything, Pentecostal, gospel, a touch of orthodox Anglican and African spiritual styles. Several of the women wore the traditional head-tie that is also seen in the Caribbean at a pocomania gathering.



Hours of different choirs entertaining the congregation was followed by the congregation also singing and dancing. It was in fact an orchestrated build up to the main purpose of the night – exorcism, packaged in words like deliverance and yoke breaking. The pastor, dressed like a game show host, in a stripped jacket, bounded onto the stage, working the congregation and chanting to put them under fear of imaginary woes. He was chanting that their life has been disabled, their life has been buried and all sorts.


The pastor did a great job of setting a mood of intense fear, saying he would call on the name of Jesus seven times, that spirits would start moving and that there would be spiritual rapture. It was frightening and extremely sad to watch the pastor’s ability to put such a large congregation, thousands and thousands of people under such emotional and mental turmoil at the same time. We witnessed it first-hand, but it was still hard to believe or comprehend the hold a pastor could have on the masses. People were howling and wailing from fear of the devil and demons. The pastor was relentless on his claims of poisons, darkness, dark powers and evil chasing and possessing the congregation.

The pastor would give a couple of minutes of relief to the distressed congregation by announcing ‘something good is happening here’. He would then resume and encourage the congregation to pray with intense frenzy and to shake their heads violently. People were running up and down screeching wildly, screaming the name of Jesus, thanking him, for what, it was never made clear.


We witnessed deliberate invocation of mental derangement and enslavement of a mass of black people. The most mind boggling moment was when the pastor ordered the congregation to hit or slap themselves on the head. Almost everyone started hitting themselves on the head. We had no choice as ‘undercover agents’ but to join in. It was synchronised madness, humiliation and denigration. There can be nothing more disturbing than seeing thousands of people hitting themselves repeatedly on the head for several minutes, for no other reason than because, Pastor told them to do so.

By 3am, we were wondering about the witch hunt, witchcraft allegation by the pastor. We thought, maybe he would not be so bold as to do this in London.  Pastor Daniel Olukoya preaches acquisition of witchcraft by inheritance. He preaches that people whose ancestors, parents and families practised witchcraft or African traditional religions, automatically inherit witchcraft. The church is fully aware of what is acceptable in the UK and finds a way not to directly call people and children witches, but the pastor did make an alter call for people whose families had worshiped idols, made sacrifices of animals and he suggested that they were evil possessed. People were made to feel they were possessed by evil demons and they were summoned to come forwards for exorcism (called deliverance).

The pastor called out for people whose ancestors and families practised witchcraft. The pastor promised them deliverance and that he would break the yoke of witchcraft. People streamed forwards to the altar in their hundreds, some of them with their children in tow!

We are concerned that this is going on in the UK.  It is worth bearing in mind that most of the witchcraft related abuses takes place in people’s homes, behind closed doors, when they have been convinced during these services that a woman or a child is a witch. Calling people witches must not be allowed to go on in the UK and pastors that do this should be banned from the UK.

We do not have the words to convey adequately the extent of the distress, hysteria, mind control and delusion that took place at this event.  Under the cover of freedom of religion, this mass abuse is allowed in the UK and these churches are encouraged with tax breaks and charitable status.choir

Outsiders often talk about black churches as being filled with singing, joyfulness, and happy clappy people. Nothing could be

fvictoria-climbeurther from the truth in many churches. We must not forget that these churches are the breeding grounds kristy-bamuof what caused the horrendous abuse and ultimately the murder of Victoria Climbie and Kristy Bamu. Hundreds of children are at risk in the UK!

The UK authorities have to stop the likes of Pastor Daniel Olukoya from coming into the UK and churches involved in witch hunting and witchcraft allegations should be monitored closely.


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  1. Bunmi Tella says:

    Great work! I am so agianst these pastors – especially the ones who preach anout witchcraft.

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