Monthly meeting – Anti-Ramadan festival

We would like to send out a big thank you to Imad of the Council of Ex Muslims of Britain, for giving a great talk on Ramadan. He gave us a look at the worldwide picture. Taking us through how those who live outside of the cosy world of the West in countries like Malaysia, Iran, and Pakistan, who may not want to comply with the ‘No eating’ rule that takes place during this time, have to, because if they choose to defy the fast, the ramifications are swift and harsh.  Some have been imprisoned and worst some have been killed.  There are no life style choices, just unequivocal compliance.

He also discussed the health ‘benefits’ of staving yourself for hours at a time during the summertime, when there are only a few hours of daylight and you are forbidden to eat during daylight hours,of course there are none. But no one is monitoring the deaths from this enforced starvation, so it is allowed to continue unchallenged. He talked of school being ‘compelled to follow parents wishes to make children go to school and not eat during the day, at a time when Schools in England, are advocating that children cannot focus when hungry.


Imad Iddine Habib from the Council of Ex Muslims of Britain. Imad has been part of the ‘fast dying’ movement.  Recently the CEMB  staged ‘eat-in’ outside various Islamic countries embassies.

This was an enlightening and informative talk that was concluded with a feast and a glass of Pimms…How civilised!

members eating good food after the meeting

members eating good food after the meeting


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