HumanistUK Convention in Cambridge 9 – 11 July 2017

I along with over 600 others, attended the HumanistUK convention (formerly British Humanist Association).  This years convention was held in Cambridge, the beautiful college town.  At this years convention the speakers reflected the work that HumanistUK have been doing and the projects that they have be supporting.

The event kicked off with  Shappi Khousandi, who is the president of HumanistUk and and other comedians who put on a  show. The next day there was a full line up of  speakers including, Paul Lamb, the courageous Ex builder that was left paralysed from the neck down and in constant pain after an accident at work.  He is asking the courts to change the law  to give him and others that may want it, the right to die with the assistance of others, without them facing prosecution. He received a standing ovation form a crowd that appreciated his bravery and determination to fight for this important cause. There was also Daniel Nabarro who talked about his life living with the early on-set of Alzheimers. Julie Ebner  spoke about her work with the Quilliam foundation and more recently the research she did infiltrating far-right groups both Christian and Muslim to write her new book ‘The Rage’. There was a talk given by Faith to Faithless, re those that have left controlling religions or cults and the devastating after-effects that can and do result from leaving. There was also a great talk by Sara Khan, a Muslim woman that has been calling out the negative practices and overly supportive voices that are enabling terrorist rhetoric and not challenging it appropriately, for fear of being labelled an ‘Islamaphobe’.  The weekend ending with the HumanistUK choir talking about Humanist music.  They sang Fleetwood Mac’  Everybody’ and ‘He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother’.  It was a great end to a great convention.  There were other great speakers and all prepared to share their stories, making the issues real and heartfelt and a great talk by Jim Al-Khalili, the well know TV presenter and Physicist.

At LBA we have been working closely with Faith to Faithless and the HumanistUK, because we recognise that we are different sides of the same coin, all working together to support those that are leaving or thinking of leaving religion and are looking for a place to belong.

Hope to see you next year, when the convention with be held in Newcastle.

Below are some pictures from the weekend.










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