Festival of Reason and Free-thought, 2pm 11 August 2018

Festival of Reason & Freethought 2018

(For Ex-Believers & Non-Believers)

The very first UK Festival for communities of ex-believers and non-believers is happening!

Date & time:

2pm Saturday 11 August 2018


Red Lion Square Gardens, 14 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4QF

(the Garden is opposite Conway Hall: nearest station, Holborn)

The event:

This event is a celebration of Reason and Free-thought. The aim is for people of the ex-believing, non-believing and freethinking world to get together and celebrate Atheism, Humanism, free-thought, reason, skepticism and Enlightenment values. A time to contemplate being an ex-believer or a non-believer in a world that is predominantly superstitious.

There is a café at the park but please feel free to bring your own refreshments.


Clive Aruede – an African Ex-Christian and Founder of London Black Atheists

Andrew Copson – Chief Executive, Humanists UK

A C Grayling – Professor of Philosophy

Imtiaz Shams – of Faith to Faithless

Jimmy Bangash – LGBT Ex-Muslim of CEMB: Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain

Sadia Hameed – Spokesperson for CEMB: Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain

Stells Dessoy – an Ex-Catholic and a Humanist

Terri O’Sullivan – an ExJehovah’s Witness

Imad Iddine Habib – a Black African Ex-Muslim

Mwahamadu – a Black Caribbean Ex-Muslim, leading the masked members of London Black Atheists, (masked due to fear of being ‘outed’ as atheists).


Tavian Oladapo – an African Ex-Christian           Ste Richardsson – an Ex-Jehovah’s Witness

Tickets:  £10 each from Eventbrite https://tinyurl.com/y7wgvha2

Organised by London Black Atheists

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