Festival of Reason and free-thought for non and Ex believers

Clive Aruede – London Black Atheists

On the 11 August 18 we at London Black Atheists the first festival of reason.  It took place in Red Lion square, in the small park just outside Conway hall, the home of free thought.

The Aim of this festival was the ex-believing, non-believing and freethinking world to get together and celebrate atheism, Humanism, free-thought, reason, skepticism and Enlightenment values.

We had speakers from all backgrounds sharing their stories, telling us of the work and activism that they are doing. There were speakers from Ex Jehovah witnesses, Humanism, Faithtofaithless, Ex Muslims.

Andrew Copson Chief Ex HumanistUK

The event was opened by Clive Aruede on LBA, with words of celebration to set the scene for the the event. Followed by Andrew Copson, fresh in from New Zealand at an International Humanist and Ethical Union event. We liked to thank him for his support and words of encouragement.

We also had John Richard publications director of Atheists alliance international, he was representing Gail Miller the president of AAI raising  concerns that Religion has on the people of Nigeria.


We also had talks from Jimmy Bangash talking about the issues the LGBT members of the non believers community face.  As always, Jimmy was eloquent and articulate and really help help people understand how LGBT people are treated when they come out as gay and non believers.  Also he discussed the feelings of conflict that you feel, ‘Why did god make me this way’.  A moving talk.

Terri o’sullivan- of Faith to Faithless

Jimmy Bangash – LGBT Ex-Muslim of The CEMB: Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain

Sadia Hameed – Spokesperson for The CEMB: Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain

Stells Dessoy Ex Catholic

Stells Dessoy – an Ex-Catholic and a Humanist

Terri O’Sullivan – an ExJehovah’s Witness

Alexandra Stein – Author of a book Cults

Steven Unthank – An activist from New Zealand

Louise Goode – Ex Jehovah Witness and lead protesters

Ste Richardsson – an LGBT Ex-Jehovah’s Witness 

Imad Iddine Habib – a Black African Ex-Muslim

Mwahamadu – a Black Caribbean Ex-Muslim, poet


Tavian Oladapo – an African Ex-Christian

Ste and Tavian our host

Ste Richardson – an LGBT Ex-Jehovah’s Witness

We had music from the very talented Phil Walder, who had the crowd singing and a joining in to his songs, and Mwhamadu who had the crowd jumping with his poetry that clearly resonated with everyone who heard it.

The event was rounded off with a speech from LBA members in masks, to represent those who cannot be out as non- believers, those that are still in church and on line looking at Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and following all the ex and non believers.  They do this for fear of repercussions, shunning from family and community and so live a double life.  We at LBA should not and could not forget them.

John Richards AIA

Phil Walder

This was an amazing event, where we from across the non-believing community came together.  We had a great day, people came to watch and participate.

This was the first, we hope it won’t be the last.  SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!

Alexandra Stein – Author

Ste and Jimmy Bangash LGBT Ex Muslims

Terri O’Sullivan Faithtofaithless Ex Jehovah Witnessess

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