Our Thoughts
5th Anniversary: James Baldwin 'I am not your Negro'
6th anniversary and Black history Month event
A Question of Morality
Afghan / Persian Dining
Black History Month event 2015
Black people should be grateful for Christianity
Dates for Speakers corner stall
Epistemology Training
External CEMB
Festival of Reason and free-thought for non and Ex believers
Festival of Reason and Free-thought, 2pm 11 August 2018
High Wycombe Skeptics
HumanistUK Convention in Cambridge 9 - 11 July 2017
I wanted some Pea soup by Audrey Simmons
James Baldwin = Part 2
Leo Igwe - An African Humanist
Michael Abrahams | Understanding Atheism
Monthly meeting - Anti-Ramadan festival
Mountains of Fire, London Black Atheists undercover
Muslims defending their faith
Reality Poem by Linton Kwesi Johnson
Scepticism: A Personal Relationship with Reality by Christopher Ejugbo
Somali cuisine
Stop saying mean things about my god...or I will kill you.
The Big questions
The Death Café
The Destructive Effects Of Religion On The Nigerian Society By Dr. Ijabla Raymond & Mr. Biodun Aiyegboyin  

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