Our Thoughts
5th Anniversary: James Baldwin 'I am not your Negro'
6th anniversary and Black history Month event
A Question of Morality
Afghan / Persian Dining
Black Blood, Black Sweat and World Wars: Britain’s forgotten War Heroes by Audrey Simmons
Black History Month event 2015
Black people should be grateful for Christianity
Dates for Speakers corner stall
Epistemology Training
External CEMB
Festival of Reason and free-thought for non and Ex believers
Festival of Reason and Free-thought, 2pm 11 August 2018
High Wycombe Skeptics
HumanistUK Convention in Cambridge 9 - 11 July 2017
I wanted some Pea soup by Audrey Simmons
James Baldwin = Part 2
Leo Igwe - An African Humanist
Michael Abrahams | Understanding Atheism
Monthly meeting - Anti-Ramadan festival
Mountains of Fire, London Black Atheists undercover
Muslims defending their faith
Reality Poem by Linton Kwesi Johnson
Scepticism: A Personal Relationship with Reality by Christopher Ejugbo
Somali cuisine
Stop saying mean things about my god...or I will kill you.
The Big questions
The Death Café
The Destructive Effects Of Religion On The Nigerian Society By Dr. Ijabla Raymond & Mr. Biodun Aiyegboyin  
The History of Humanism in Europe

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